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Exhibitor Statements

March 16, 2017

(In alphabetical order)

Anson Guo, Vice General Manager, Dongguan Anda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (China)
“This is our fifth exhibition at productronica China. Since our first participation, the visitor number has been constantly rising. We are very satisfied with the visitor flow this year. There are a lot of visitors who come with specific demands, both from China and abroad. We will definitely come again next year.”

Zhijun Hao, General Manager, Zhejiang Junquan Automation Co., Ltd. (China)
“We have been exhibiting at productronica China for many years, almost at every session. From the number of exhibitors and the size of the exhibition this year, it is easy to conclude that the situation in the electronics manufacturing industry is much better than last year. We are very optimistic about the market. This year, more customers asked us for the admission tickets than last year. The visitor traffic is also very large. I believe the results will be very good. We will come every year.”

Jianwei Huang, Vice President, FUJI Machine China Co., Ltd. (Japan)
“We are exhibiting at productronica China for the third time. Through the exhibition, we can have more exchange with our peers from the electronics manufacturing industry. As last year, we met a lot of potential customers at the exhibition. Many of them, including semiconductor manufacturers, have expressed interest in us.”

Ron Jakeman, Managing Director, ELECTROLUBE (UK)
“We have taken part in productronica China over ten years. We think productronica China is much better than other shows. Over the years we have seen the great size of this show and the incredible right process made it. We met many important people here and we will certainly be back next year.”

Tim Juta, Managing Director China, Komax (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Switzerland)
“Komax has participated in this show from very beginning. And productronica China is very important for us to connect with our customers, see what the industry trend is, and extend our business area year by year. We can see all important clients here and also find new clients who want to get into automotive industry. And we are very happy to see the increase of the visitors from aerospace and telecom industry. We will always take part in productronica China because it is one of the most important shows for us. And we will present more new products and production lines to new customers in China market next year.”

Ivan Li, General Manager, Shenzhen Axxon Automation Co., Ltd. (China)
“This is our fourth exhibition at productronica China. We choose to exhibit here because our target customers are here. This is also the reason why we have exhibited here nearly every year. We are satisfied with both the number and quality of the visitors. We have talked to many key customers and the results are satisfactory.”

Zipei Lin, Regional Product Manager, INDIUM (USA)
“productronica China is a relatively large exhibition in China. The visitor traffic is high good. There are more and more exhibitors and the exhibition space is also growing. So we have come every year for more than 10 years. Next year we will continue to participate.”

Xiaobing Liu, Vice General Manager and Director, Robot Businesses, NACHI (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. (Japan)
“This year is our third exhibition at productronica China. Because we have lots of products designed specifically for the electronics industry, and this exhibition is very important in the electronics industry. We want to use this platform to make contact with more customers. Today, we have seen a lot of customers and they are very professional. Next year we will certainly come again.”

Guoming Lu, General Manager, Shenzhen Tensun Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. (China)
“TENSUN has exhibited at productronica China since 2007. The exhibitor quality has improved again. Through this platform, we have learned and gained a lot. We have talked to our old customers and made new contacts. productronica China is one of the best exhibitions in China. We will continue to participate, not only in the next year, but also in the years to come.”

Jia Lu, Section Chief, Sales Dept. IV, Shin-Etsu Sillcone International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Japan)
“We have followed and visited productronica China for many years and this is our first exhibition here. I think the exhibition is very big and there are a lot of customers here. The results have exceeded my expectations. I did not expect so many visitors. Apart from the old customers, many new clients have shown interest in us. The exhibition is very worthwhile.”

Morimoto Ryohei, Head of Mounter Business Unit, Yamaha Motor Smart Machinery (Suzhou) CO., Ltd. (Japan)
“This is the second time we exhibitor here. I feel this year the show is also very successful. We believe this is the most effective exhibition of the year for us because we can get many new contact. So we’re much enjoyed.”

Jianyi Shao, Managing Director, Hoenle UV Technology (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (Germany)
“We have chosen to exhibit here mainly because of its size and influence. productronica China also offers more added values. We met real buyers here and had very successful talks. We will certainly come again next year.”

Martin Stier, Head of Business Development & Member of Group Management, Schleuniger (Switzerland)
“We have participated productronica China since 2006. China is the most important market for the future. So we must be here. The show is very good. For years, we have seen how the show is more and more developing. The quantity and quality of visitors are very good. Our booth is very busy. We have already met key clients from automotive industry in China, especially someone are from Europe. I am sure we will be here next year as productronica China is the most important show in this industry.”

Liyun Tang, Sales Manager, Shanghai Subsidiary, YXLON (Beijing) Radiation Equipment Trade Co., Ltd. (Germany)
“We are exhibiting at productronica China every year. I feel this year's show is better than the previous years. The visitors have more specific aims. We are very fond of the concept of a synergy of the entire industry chain, because it enables the visitors to have a better understanding of the complete SMT process. We will come again next year.”

Guoquan Tu, CEO, B&P Automation Dynamics Ltd. (China)
“B&P is exhibiting at productronica China for the first time. The exhibition is very influential in the electronics industry, so we choose to participate in. The overall results are very good. We have seen many leading companies in the industry. Our key customers are all here, so we have made quite a lot of talk. We will come again next year.”

Andy Wang, Regional Sales Director, Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH (Germany)
“We are participating for the third time at productronica China. The exhibition is widely recognized in the global electronic manufacturing industry. We can find the latest developments in electronics manufacturing, automobile electronics and electronic components industries, which is very helpful to the innovation in electronic manufacturing and assembly technology. We are very satisfied with productronica China, because there are a lot of potential customers here. This is also the reason why we continue to exhibit here.”

Jianhao Xie, Vice General Manager, Asian-Pacific Region, kurtz ersa Mechanical and Electrical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Germany)
“This year is our fifth consecutive exhibition at productronica China. We think it is a very professional show, and the quality of customers is quite good. We have had very good results each time. We have great confidence in the future development of productronica China. Next year we will certainly come again.”

Alvin Xu, Sales Director, Adhesive Technologies (Industrial Electronics), Henkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (USA)
“This year Henkel is exhibiting at productronica China for the fifth time. We are very happy to see that both the visitor quantity and quality are improved greatly. Today, productronica China has become one of the most important events in the electronics industry in China. So, in the past three years, our booth has continued to grow bigger. This show provides us a great platform and assembly almost all leading suppliers in this industry.”

Guanhua Xu, General Manager, Airtac (Jiangsu) Automation Co., Ltd. (China)
“This is our third exhibition at productronica China. We has invested a lot in the R&D of electronics, so we choose this exhibition to present them to the world. The visitor traffic is much better than the previous years. The exhibitor quality has also grown better. We have found customers in both the exhibitors and visitors. Next year we certainly will come again. It is an event we cannot afford to miss.”

Banghe Yang, Vice General Manager, Shenzhen Faroad Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (China)
“It is our second exhibition here at productronica China. The results are very satisfactory; the visitor traffic is especially good. Many of our potential and existing customers are here. We are satisfied with the results and we will come back again next year. We hope to have more opportunities to exhibit our products.”

Sugimoto Yoshiyuki, General Manager, Musashi Engineering Shanghai Ltd. (Japan)
“This year we are exhibiting at productronica China for the second time. In terms of the overall results this year, we are very satisfied. We are also much honored to use this platform to promote our latest products to our customers. The quality and quantity of the visitors this year have reached our expectations. As an international business, Musashi attaches great importance to such opportunities where we can make contact with a wide range of customers around the world. Next year we will come again.”

Linfeng You, Sales Director, Scheugenpflug Dispensing Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Germany)
“We have exhibited at productronica China for eleventh times. We come every year because this is the largest show for the industry. We can see a lot of world-class companies here. We can also meet a lot of customers and colleagues. So productronica China is equivalent to a party for the industry. If we can participate in only one exhibition in China every year, productronica China must be our first choice.”

Chu Chin Yuan, Sales Manager-Central China, Heller (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (USA)
“Last year we made our first exhibition and the result was very good. So we are here again. The visitor quality is good as before. We have met customers in not only SMT, but also customers in other areas in the supply chain. We will come again next year.”

Ri Zheng, General Manager (Greater China), Saki (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Japan)
“This is our second exhibition at productronica China. Compared with previous years, the number of visitors has increased significantly. We certainly hope to come back at next productronica China.”

Xiantao Zhou, Manager, Product Marketing Department, AOI Division, Omron Automation (China) Co., Ltd. (Japan)
“We are exhibiting at productronica China for the first time. We are exhibiting in the SMT production line area. Both the size and visitor quality of productronica China are attractive to us. The results are satisfactory. We met many customers who have transferred from other areas to the SMT industry, so we have made very valuable contacts. The results are just what we wanted.”

Jie Zhu, Product Marketing Manager, ASM Assembly Systems Ltd. (Germany)
“We participated in productronica China for nearly ten years. In recent years, we have made consecutive exhibitions here. We think that it is a very good platform, where we can meet different types of customers, which is very important for us to explore new opportunities. This year, the number of visitors is much larger than in previous years, and the SMT region is also larger. We believe that the continuous growth of productronica China is very good for the suppliers and customers. productronica China has proven to be a very influential event in this market. As a device supplier, we need such a platform to promote ourselves and expand their business.”